Improvements on Post View

I’m working on single.php (the page that show the post content), and my focus at this moment is improve the visual of the page.

I did tests in many kind of devices and a lot of resolutions to ensure that the style of the pages don’t lose visual details in each device that access the blog.

The items that I improved:

  • The paragraph distance was changed
  • The margin of left/right now is the same that you have in main page
  • Put an author box at the end of the the post content (this info I got from the Author Info in wordpress), now the option in wordpress theme config Display Author Info show this section.


Fixed bugs and problems

I’m working in a new version of Careta based in a lot of feedback by email.

JavaScript was improved and bugs relatives on panels of grid in home page versus the column of wordpress (col1 to col4) was fixed.

I fixed too, the bug in ThemeInfo, you change the text but the text in ThemeInfo (after the footer) don’t changed. Its Ok now !

Probably I’ll be focus on give more special effects on Social Bar (mouse over on something like that)


Careta 1.071 was released

The new version of Careta was release today (November 7th).

Updates in this version:

  • Support for gradient colors in footer section
  • Display/Hidden menu in header (you can show menus at footer as a widget)
  • Main boxes now have fixed or variable sizeĀ 
  • Social Icons now can be show in header or footer
  • Theme Info was simplified to render correctly in smartphones
  • Minor fix in CSS/PHP