Careta 1.071 was released

The new version of Careta was release today (November 7th).

Updates in this version:

  • Support for gradient colors in footer section
  • Display/Hidden menu in header (you can show menus at footer as a widget)
  • Main boxes now have fixed or variable size 
  • Social Icons now can be show in header or footer
  • Theme Info was simplified to render correctly in smartphones
  • Minor fix in CSS/PHP



25 thoughts on “Careta 1.071 was released

  1. I love this theme!! so customisable….but how do I set the grid/pinterest style front page??? I can’t find the setting…and can the boxes be non fixed size??

    • Nicole,

      The next version (1.07) at this moment it is in review process, but from the previous version to this, I’m really thinking in give a fixed layout to home (probably I’ll remove the excerpts from the home). If you can test the development version manually in your local server, send me an email and I send the file and you test a early version.

      • Thanks for the reply – not really set up for local – what I really need is the ‘pinterest’ style front page – cannot get it to happen – they are just large excerpts one under the other. Your theme is the best as I can most closely match it to my other site – – have sort of merged the two. Just can’t get the pinterest look page…

        happy to test anything though…live…

      • Nicola

        The next version bring to you a fixed layout (in height and width) as probably you saw here.
        Actually, my goal is offer a fixed layout grid in home, now I check pinterest and see interest things that I can put in “boxes”, for example a counter of comments, the author name replacing the ‘more’ option. You can see the latest version of theme working in my personal blog about game development: (there you’ll see the version 1.07 of theme).

        Let me know what you think about the theme live. Helps you ?

      • Hello Mcunha,

        The reason I chose this theme is because it and the multi sized boxes like pinterest – the thumbnail image in wordpress displays this…

        I think the multisided boxes works better for creative websites – i.e.. artists, photographers….The fixed grid size is very tidy and orderly – but not creative. Having an option would be the best! Also – to be able to display different things – i.e.. not just posts – would be supreme!

        But MY problem is that I don’t have any grid at all!!! WHERE IS THE SETTING?? There are no columns showing at all…please help! is the front page.

      • Hmmm…now I see.
        Actually I not saw this problem before. My suspect is the thumb image size.
        The CSS try to resize the images for a standard, but I guess that your thumb image is more than 300px for example.
        If you more productive, ask me at skype : mcunha98 and I’ll try to help you (I’ll need some images in my local disk to test)

  2. Thank you for your prompt reply – it is 2am in the morning here (Australia)…so I will switch off now and play with the featured image thumbs tomorrow – thank you for the offer to Skype – if I can’t fix it – I will be here late tomorrow – which will probably suit for a Skype call…my previous theme was autofocus pro – which suited a large featured image……it makes sense!

    • Ok, I believe that the problem is the size of thumb images. Probably when you call me I don’t be able to see the problem because I’m out (skype by smartphone), but no problem, change the size of thumb and try.
      If still don’t resolve, send me some images by email and you’ll test

      • HI Mcunha,

        I have deleted all the ‘featured images’ and now just have the same but with no images – all just one column still. what now?? ;-((

      • Hi Mcunha, I have tried the Fluxipress theme and I have the same problem. I tried the Emphaino theme (the next best thing) and the grid works fine… I look forward to your reply – can Skype when you are available.

  3. Hi Mcunha – can you tell me your time zone so we can organize a Skype to fix this…it’s 1am in the morning here now…(East Coast of Australia). I have dragged the featured images into the posts as small images…but they do not show in the excerpts and the grid still does not show – just one long narrow box for each post excerpt. I then put one featured image at 280x280px in the last post – and it is still mega size on the home page – looks terrible but I left it there for you to look at…….need to fix this…I don’t want to have to change themes…but this is taking a long time with the time difference.

  4. I believe the problem is the way that Css get your screen resolution.
    I saw your site and really the theme it is putting the site in a smartphone resolution. I will make more tests. A tip is visit my blogroll links and try to test your site using one of this responsive testers

  5. Hi Mcunha, have you been working on it? – it is all working fantastic now….love it…can’t stop looking at it looks so great!! Anyway…on my end i have been reading the featured images…all good and gorgeous….I did delete a few plugins, deactivated and reset jetpack…..don’t know if any of that contributed…I love the flexibility of this theme!! thank you …will have a few more questions soon….like – the PINK share buttons…..;-/ how can I change that colour??

    • In fact I don’t like to hear that everyrhing was solved deleting files, plugins or any external data. This solution don’t tell me what is wrong in my code.
      Anyway I will test more and more. About the images is very simple upload via Ftp the png files with the same name for example twitter.png

      • HI Mcunhag – sorry about that – I think it would be a small chance that anything I did changed anything…jetpack and a gallery plugin – that’s it.

        Had a typo in my last message – “I reloaded the featured images” – hope that didn’t confuse things.

  6. Hi Mcunha, I love your theme and the fact that it is easily adjustable. There is however one problem that I can’t resolve myself.
    Because I’d like to have another window pop up when I open a picture and easily navigate back and forth through the pictures. I also would like to directly go back to the page of origin in one click when I am done.
    For this reason I decided to install a gallery plugin (nextgen-gallery). After doing this all my posts blew up to full screen size. Also the pop-up window (lenspic?!?!) does not appear.
    Is there a way of resolving this problem or is there another gallery plugin that matches my needs?

    • Rob

      Really I not improve the image view system, but I’ll do something about it.
      I don’t know about the plugins of gallery that can be resolve your problem, but I think is possible do improvements in image view.

      • Thank you very much for your reaction. Sorry for this late reply. It would be very nice if you could find the solution.


      • Hi Mcunha, I just installed your Careta theme. All of my posts look great but my pages seem to have duplicate content. Take a look at my disclosure page for example:

        The page content is in the wrapper but also repeated at the bottom below the footer and outside of the wrapper. It looks this way in IE, Firefox and Chrome as well as on my Android mobile browser. Any ideas on how to fix this?

      • Hi Pamela,

        Sorry for hear this.
        I visit the link and really, the content of page seems duplicated after the content page was loaded.
        During the week I’ll do tests and send a fix to you by email to you put on server and test it (cause the release of a new version maybe delay more than a week).

    • Pamela

      Version 1.0.73 was released and the bug that you found was fixed. Please update your version and thanks to use Careta

  7. BIzarrely; I had the same problem with the theme only showing one column. I _deleted_ a plugin called “ShockinglyLargeIE6Warning” and that seemed to do the trick. It is a silly plugin of course, and hardly needed anymore. Just thought you would like to know. I love the theme 🙂

  8. Hi

    Is there a simple way to make the main boxes square instead of them being more vertical…? Really like your theme.

    • There a way that you try using the option ‘fixed height’ (customize -> category options -> box style -> fixed size). but course that these will make the box have a vertical style.
      Probably if you edit the .js and .php files in the theme you can take the visual style that you need.
      In the future I think about a option to do this … thanks for download the theme

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