This is my second theme for wordpress. He was created as to offer a theme that has visual and functionality similar to Pinterest ( but of course, with the features of setting that I’ve used in my first theme (Grimace).




Blogname, Home or Logo ?

In this theme I implemented a different logic to display the name of the blog. You can choose to display the blog name, hide the name and display a button that will have the home icon or even submit your own logo (the topic limits the image to maximum height of 50 pixels).

pinado-1Social Icons

This theme has a lot of configurations that can be made directly in the WordPress Dashboard. Social Icons are show in footer before the theme info text.



 Colors and Others Features

This theme has a lot of configurations that can be made directly in the WordPress Dashboard, it supports color settings for all sections that WordPress offers, in addition to supporting extra settings to homepage (such as display or not the Excerpts) and in Post reading you can show/hide the author box info.


100% responsive

The theme is totally responsive, he fits the resolution automatically device that is accessing the blog, and also uses the default wordpress language to perform the rendering of the words that are displayed on the blog.


Data on demand

In this issue I implemented a draft version still loading content on demand, meaning you will not see a pagination option (1, 2, etc …) but a button to load more posts on the current screen.

This process needs to be improved, the search page for example does not use this feature yet, but the navigation pages (index, category and tags) rely on this mechanism. I still need to make fine adjustments of the load posiciosamento Content button.

Your post with style

I have already installed various topics, and when it comes to talking about the preview page of a post (or page) the majority does not give much emphasis on providing enjoyable reading styles.Simple things like proper spacing of paragraphs and even the size of fonts is left. I made several customizations to ensure that reading is enjoyable. In addition to standards encorporei shortcodes messages (warning messages, information or error).

The shortcodes are:

[alert] some text [/alert]
[info] some text [/info]
[error] some text [/error]


To avoid compatibility problems and even not force the user to take additional effort subject to specific translations of the theme, I do not use any term out of WordPress default standards.All messages rendered by the theme were extracted from the default language file you have configured your WordPress, so you are sure that the subject has full compatibility with their language whatsoever.


The theme is based on PinBin ( but I made so many changes that hardly much left of the original theme 😀

The data on demand is based on ajax-load-more (