About the content

All themes and content shared in this blog as free, don’t pay anyone to have access of this content.

Some themes disponible in blog uses some free content that I got in Internet, but remember that you can replace the standard files.

Social Icons and Other Icons

My themes use Web Fonts, I prefer use Genericons because is light and focused on Social Icons and Standard Icons (like tags, documents, etc…).

But you can put any kind of custom content using CSS editor in WordPress Panel (I always work to offer an ID or CLASS for objects to turn easy your work).


All themes have the max as possible of configurations by WordPress Panel. But of course, you be able to change any standard CSS/Script using WordPress Editor.

Feel free to send sugestions based in your changes made in theme.

Using WordPress

The theme show content follow the custom configurations that you give to the post. If you don’t work with sticky posts for example, please see the list of links to find references of how work with wordpress.

How to set the Feature Image of a Post

How to make Sticky posts

How to set the visibility and password to post


Suggestions or any other kind of questions, contact me by e-mail: