Version 1.0.73 released

After some contacts, I did an upload on last weekend to the WordPress repository updating the version of Careta to 1.0.73 .

If you don’t updated yet, please do it, because your static pages will show the content wrong.

Warning: Do your comments about this version in this post, all other posts under this version are closed to comments !

Version 1.0.72 released

On December 29th, the latest version of Careta was released (you can download the theme at

Notes of this release:

  • Improvement on javascript
  • Fixed bugs relative to columns on homepage (the list was loaded correctly, but displayed incorrectly)
  • Implement author box, the setup is defined by author in WP’s panel control
  • Space between the paragraphs is increment when you see a post
  • Comments section improved (not the final version yet), the CSS was the focus in this release

For the next version my focus:

  • Implement a better system to show comments
  • Implement more options on homepage (as a comments counter, quick links to share post, etc…)
  • Implement option to show the list of posts using classic view (as a common blog list)

Try use Careta, and if you have suggestions, please share with me by email.