Careta version 1.84

After a few months away from the maintenance of active poured into themes and made some adjustments to improve the control of the theme by the user.
The home page now has more options so you can choose what to show or not, running a bit of a prescriptive standard for something more flexible. Set the order of demonstration of the content within the page to read the tags and category come before the post content.

Another theme … PINADO

I’m working in Pinado, my new theme with an approach similar to Careta but seems more with Pinterest standards (a lot of people ask me for do something like Pinterest).

The themehas a lot of configuration of colors (like Careta) but too, new features as Infinite Scroll (that works at now, but with some bugs).

Customize Pinado — WordPress

The header is very simple (again to has the same behaviour on PC or smartphones/tablets).

New features and fixed bugs

I made some corrections in the style sheet to support the customization of the author box, values for this widget were fixed in the code, and now follow the changes that the user makes directly in WordPress customization panel.


In addition I also pulled out the edges of the footer widgets, now there is no longer a separation between the items in the footer, leaving the cleaner display.
The background image as I had commented, won new settings so that you can opt for side-by-side or fixed images.