New feature in next version : background style

Hello people, I’m working on next version of Careta with a feature that I asked for a Russian guy and I notice that I didn’t (simply I forgot).

Next version of Careta will count with styles for background (tile – default of theme and cover – a fixed image in background). See the screenshots:


Improvements on next version


I’m working in a lot of changes in the theme. The changes that I did and can share with you are:

404 page

I did many changes in 404 page to show correctly the view, put the footer in the page and translated the text in the page.


I study the use of Genericons – and theme now has support for genericons. This give for us a new perspective about the configuration of icons used in theme, because the idea is use CSS directly and you can bring any color for social icons that you want.

The same idea can be used in footer items of boxes in the post list (this is where I work at now), because the excerpts at the box list can be improved with a visual better.

Box’s Construction

Many people ask me about problems in render the box in other devices (as Android Smart Phones, etc…). I reaffirm the theme is designed to be responsible, but the JScript used to manage the configuration of boxes not is good, and I’m working on it to ensure the correct render on all displays.

I did some changes in the JScript to force the layout on devices to one column and with this I created a list of post using only ONE column. I did tests on IPhone, Android, Tables (IPad and Samsung) and the result is the same in all devices.

Social Icons Improved

I did a complex and deep change in template to use Genericons as source of the icons in Social Icons Bar. With this feature, now you can configure the colors of the buttons in real time (in the older version you must upload specific icons with reserved names to give the appearance that you want).

The new version simplify the work, you only need to configure the color in normal state and mouse hover.

Zip file less than before

I removed the icons of social Icons to replace them by the Genericons, with this the size of zip file now is very small (700 KB).

Careta : New features

I’m working hard to improve Careta to support a lot of standard customization that so many themes offer.

Careta now count with new customizations:

  • Header background image
  • Header text align color
  • Inputs (text, textarea, button)  support text, backgrond and border color (normal and hover)
  • Custom colors for box in home support background and text color (notice the blue box in example)
  • Improve pagination in gallery page



I’m waiting the approval of Theme Review Team in wordpress to publish the theme in official repository.