Version 1.0.87 released

The new version of Careta was released on official WordPress theme repository.

Official repository link:

A lot of changes of this version you can see in this blog.

The current version of Careta is 1.0.87

If you don’t updated yet, please do it !

+10.000 downloads, thanks !

Warning: Do your comments about this version in this post, all other posts under this version are closed to comments !

Theme Info Improved

I did a lot of improvements and corrections in the theme, and today I submit to review the version 1.0.76

Many pieces of code was focused in Javascript corrections, but a new feature that I added is the support to textarea into the options. Now, the theme has support to large texts in some aspects (as the Theme Info text).

Before this change, all code (remember the configuration allow HTML code) was putted into a single line (in a common textbox). Now you can work with a more flexible control to display the text of Theme Info