Version 1.0.73 released

After some contacts, I did an upload on last weekend to the WordPress repository updating the version of Careta to 1.0.73 .

If you don’t updated yet, please do it, because your static pages will show the content wrong.

Warning: Do your comments about this version in this post, all other posts under this version are closed to comments !

4 thoughts on “Version 1.0.73 released

  1. Mcunha98! Can you please tell me if it’s possible to make your theme (Careta) full sized? I mean there are two white stripes on the two sides of the page, and I don’t want them here. Is there any way to make them disappear? Thanks!

    • Actually, not is possible.
      But with some changes in CSS is possible to apply.
      I’ll think about this suggestion and see how implement it in the theme.

  2. I’m confused… I’ve just set up a new site, and after trying lots of themes I decided to use this one. It was all going well, until I noticed that if I load the site on a mobile device (or just in a smaller browser window) where less than 4 columns are visible, the content from the other doesn’t get pushed down… it just disappears totally. So on a phone, only the posts from one of the 4 columns are visible at all (about 3 posts instead of 12), and there seems to be no way to view the rest of them. Am I missing something here?

    (Tested in Chrome, IE 9 and the Android 4 stock browser – all the same result)

    • In few weeks I’ll do tests to understand what is the problem, because if I use some engines to test the resolution in web I don’t have this problem

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